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under the left clavicle ; he had some increase of vocal fremitus and some

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and almost sudden recovery. Arch. Surg., Lond., 1890-91,

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carefully in mind va. attempting, among the phenomena of cerebral

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have no surgeon and few surgical appliances. On torpedo-

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an insurance on his life, but at the very first trial of the pulse under the surgeon's finger, the certifi-

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be selected. In an emergency, a donor's blood, whose serum agglu-

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some plain' night^cap, and the use of a sewing machine or ** a shoemaker."

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described by v. Zierassen, viz., the result of distending

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space, and this is the proper proportion of alcohol necessary

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The people who come to Florida are as a rule, consumptives ;

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a well rounded flap is cut from the j)almar skin. (Fig. 428).

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Fig. 283. Saprophytic bacteria of the mouth, from the gums. The large rods are Leptothrix

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different from each other, in other respects agreed, recom-

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of 50,000. Salary two years, then partnership. Contact

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About a year later, Carlson'* was fortunate in finding a man with a

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in the Wet Way. By E. C. Grey. {Trans. Chemical Society,

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/fraa' in the Section on Ophthalmology, Otology and Laryn.

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Garrey,^® whose work was reported before that of Mines appeared,

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Contagious Diseases; Assistant Visiting Physician, Children's

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increase appreciably in proportion to the degree of staining. In ani-

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very well marked ; the tongue, when protruded, inclined slightly to the

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cipal factor in inducing a disparity between the physical signs elicited

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42. Shahian DM, Neptune WT, Ellis FH, Maggs PR: Intra-aortic balloon pump

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have all been attacked with the disease at Ward's Island and recovered. And

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sary, m order to find out the extent of the outbreak.

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but no Chadwick reflex. On the right side there was a positive

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symptoms reappeared — flashes in the dark (jjJwtopsij) being super-

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