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treating the disease without treating the patient should be abandoned

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tory of fistula in ano, enlarged testicle, and night-sweats

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with him, where the patient had cyclitis and iridochoroiditis, books state

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and spread of the disease in different lands, or as to the results of

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of dragging, and tightness, and fleeting sense of heat in the

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border of the false ribs and was tender to the touch. The pain was relieved by

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at the house of a Major S — ; all the members of his family Avere attacked,

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paralysis has lasted several weeks, return of full power can not be

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The haematoma of pachymeningitis is not always encysted ; the blood

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massage, especially of the conjunctiva, is valuable and

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)sed by a catch. One of these compartments is fitted below for

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definitely proven. Again, it acts very effectively on all infected

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without the least benefit, and after high words with

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destroyed, and inspissated mucus and other debris will accumulate on

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the stools of cholera patients and Perrondto in those of typhoid cases, both of these

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etc., and Lawrence Godkin, Esq., of the New York Bar, with the as-

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Straus has suggested that some patients, in particular those

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anomalies, and if they become pregnant abortion or miscarriage is likely

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preventing septic absorption) has been most satisfactorily determined.

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The spleen showed hemorrhages in all of the emetin dogs. It is

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the same time taking these inhalations. A patient taking

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found that there was no constriction at the external ring, nor was there any

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steadily diminishing ; the lady inspectors at Woolwich had not been less active

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upper surface of the right lobe but near the anterior

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ment of the malarial parasites takes place in the blood in the attack

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was found by Weigert's method, a descending degeneration in

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of the other. I think that much in the same way as the

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have been taken up in excessive amounts, and are released in the blood

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2142. I-n this case there was an exquisitely formed phleg-

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twelve days after the deposition of the egg on the surface of

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the tissues are infiltrated by the morbid matter, and that, when ulceration

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the vessels is a source of mischief to the heart. The pulmonary circu-

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tegument, (2) layer of muscular fibers, (3) the tarsus, and

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HCl, the residue was partially soluble to a pink solution.

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removal until it had become in a measure loosened by natural

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