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which was 2 inches in diameter, was divided with the Icraseur,
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practice occupies a position such as should not be thrust on
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1 feel tills matter so keenly that some short time since I had an inter-
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go wrong in my private practice. The few extractions that
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the lirst, together \vith tlie motor division of the tifth und the seventti
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This is a lucidly written and suggestive volume, written by
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placed in the passage between the closets and urinal, and
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especially in the midst of a small-pox prevalence. But the
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"has been read a second time in the House of Lords without a division,
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tied. The tumour was cut away just beyond this, ^and the
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Roberts, St. Mary's Hospital ; M. Tliorne, Royal Free Hospital ; and
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gall bladder, anddistress when the fistula was allowed to close.
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William George McEvoy, of Bombay. The body was dis-
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diseases when, during an epidemic, the present City Hospital
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part of St. Andrews University as is the Edinburgh School of
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opposea u> ail aujcu strike upon the mental condition ol the
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lege of Surgeons, in which they advocated the benefits of vac-
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the ground of an express contract to pay his fee ; but or-
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(2 to 8 grammes) of the thyroid of the sheep, and the consequent
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especially in the neighbourhood of the temporary small-pox
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about the world, showing to the public how richly Nature
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Both cases presented similar appearances, and had the characteristic
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Tki Heart. — On inspection a wavy impulse is seen in the
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officers, even of administrative rank, are now merely ordered
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R. Kempster, Westminster Hospital i J. A. Spear and S. P. Huggins,'
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Passed in Anat'jmy only —I.e. Powell, St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; F.
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have only obtained the share of lepresentation to which their coutiibu-

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