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will sell round-trip tickets to St. Paul for the fare one

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the House Committee, by whom It was reported favorably and

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ing are in no sense a guide in the first stage because

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with low atmosphpric pressure. An illustration of the former

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of weight. When it is borne in mind that the pancreatic

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Constitution and Bjr-laws as revised. A decision as to one or

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awarded the Wilde gold medal, by the Manchester (Eng. )

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curative but also protective sera for diphtheria, erysip-

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The route to be selected for the removal of an ureteral

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Becover'd Primary amputation for sarcoma of leg. Dlsarticnlatiou at hip oo

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stand it, in 8 place, and contract with a physician for a

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case before it, that it is no defense to a prosecution under the

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sliould be drawn upward so as not to include the lower

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94 'Electrolysis in the Destruction of Organized Strictures of the

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searches of Keed and his associates. From careful con-

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only established agency available by the government for

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of Exophthalmic Goitre. J. ,pe Leon. — This writer has

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origin. There can be no question that the germs producing

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the coast to ward them away from the 3-mlle limit. We have to

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cough, the cause is contact of the lingual tonsil and

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Casualty Hospital, Washington, has elected Dr. John B.

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that a complete crush of the cord has not occurred, we

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be used, as absorption is very great and strong antisep-

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organism in pus, and have found that treating the pus

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dren follow the continued use of alcohol, not only when ingested

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Ohio, 130 ; Missouri, 140 ; Indiana, 100 ; Massachusetts,

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favor of a passenger wrongfully expelfed from a train, can not

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ficient in some degree, yet unless they were reasonably satis-

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the facial paralysis persisted. He had abdominal dropsy a

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led me to originate the procedure which I am now to

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41 Heredity, Criminality, and Degeneracy. H. Hatch.

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cases the dieting treatment fails without it. In many cases

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with the result of cessation of the epileptic seizures.

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exploration of the kidney, through a lumbar incision,

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after very long periods, but when so conveyed it soon disappears

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