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and the information therein is very specific and im-

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inal cavity in peritonitis, and we were returning to the

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chanters, the body of the pelvis formed a fixed point of

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persisted in varying, but gradually decreasing, intensity for some weeks.

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During the discussion there has been by one or two members

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parations of all the more important parts are to be found iuj

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Stokes iii character ; mucus accumulates in the trachea and larynx ; the

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It is necessary, for the sake of brevity, that T should select from a considerable

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school and materially strengthened the other school."

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say that you sent it to me, believing that I am ' not aware of this

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of the lumen. Sometimes they encircle the bowel, causing

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only temporary effect. Pressure applied over the dilated temporal artery

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ployed are carbonates of ammonia, potash or soda, and iodide of

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nan and goats and that animals can be infected by dust contami-

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this discharge is profuse and tends to make the meatal wall

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four; and the permanent teeth of which there are forty. In the

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