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convulsions. If the patient survives, salivation will probably set in twenty-

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the tumour, but more recently Darier concluded it was not xanthoma, as he did

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her anxious husband that I did not think it necessary to repeat my visit,

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Hyperthermia of Nervous Origin. — The experiments of Wood, Eulenberg,

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subsequent renewal of the haemorrhai^e, which was promoted by sternu-

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should be indulged in all his innocent whims and caprices, especially

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now, be undertaken without special care, and every precaution being taken

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curtains, and in a temperature of from 62° to 65° F. A steam tent may

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true of septic complications. Emaciation progresses faster in children

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laiiied within them by nervous filaments. These calcareous bodies 1

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As an additional circumstance in favor of this view of the action of cold,

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R Hyd. subchlor. gr. ij., ext. colocynth. co. gr. v., ext. hyoscyami gr. ij.

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such as this to describe or indeed name all the varieties of teratological

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Surgery. A suitable room will be provided, and pupils will have the use of an extensive medical

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tion. The case is then recognised as one of tabo-paralysis. The cord

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sori, Ldiennec, and other modern writers. In this disease, the refrigerant

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tract (Suess, 1901), or the deeper parts of the respiratory tract when the

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plete suppression of urine, of some hours duration ; great distention of

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fully performed by Dr. Bedor, of Troyes, for the cure of traumatic hemor-

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flammatron, but was accounted for, from the circumstance of his having

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The destructive process does not by any means always take place.

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high cost. It is a satisfaction to witness the gradual construction of

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Jlfi'^v.**/'"'*" S"*** ^nati*.— Orders from a distance must be accompanied by ptymettt i&>iv«M». a*

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in removing or relieving obstinate constipation has recently been tested

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with us, and none so highly esteemed, as M. Louis, the celebrated au-

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in the upper or lower lid ; and at other times a number may occur simul«

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a day ; they usually take the opium in pills, but avoid drinking anj wa-

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bodily organs, and the delicacy of experimenting in the almost total ab-

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recovered from ; in other, especially in protracted cases, the tongue does not

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twisting has powerful effects on the abdominal and pelvic organs.

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