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is as good as possible, and the leg is perfectly stiff from the hip

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the cases in the inoperable and recurrent cases and

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cal officer who with his regular crew of from five to

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Fig. 5. — .'\ case winch proved to be pyopneumothor.ix. The ront-

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which is not black, and to attempt to imagine it on

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Our friend Mr. Ferguson, the late Chemist at Apothecaries'

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men are called on to perform a grave and important duty, the

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dory, landed at the foot of Ninety-sixth street, and

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dered endocrine function, to malnutrition of the cen-

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onset the danger is practically nil under the hands

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pressed secretion, the pus cells become lessened and

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of our will controls with unceasing activity those vital actions of

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gangrenous, and the scalp on the right side of the head had

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the cupreous indication of the other alkali ; but I found both preparations equally

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soreness will be greatly diminished and the patient

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of the Thyroid Gland. Dr. William Henry Thayer, of Kings County . 360

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tion of the cells, the wound was irrigated, packed,

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5th. To discontinue mercury temporarily, on the occurrence of any doubt as to

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disability of all the discharged soldiers in the com-

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ture cases, inclusive of foreign bodies or projectiles

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the jjassage, in 1874. of a comp.ulsory vaccination

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already described. Her general health was good ; the vital

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writer's experience in the epidemic was cut short by

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the day the night, that the needed enlightenment must originate

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me to solve the entire problem. In this patient just

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curity League : A manual on physical training, Washing-

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erally produced more or less reaction, but this was

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words affords a rationale of cure, wherever irritation has been

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"Within a year a private citizen, Mr. Andrew Carnegie, has

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were infection and sepsis due to the streptococcus.

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elastic tissues, mutually aiding each other; the muscular op-

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failed to improve under the usual routine conserva-

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Urinary fistula was remarked in a Brazilian sailor. Six months

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tract in amounts sufficient to provoke more or less

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for whom the directions of the Pharmacopoeia are quite insufri-

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Scharrenback, a labourer, aged 50, admitted the 20th of

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several anatomists of repute ; but it was described, and still continues

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case 1.2° higher than on the opposite side. In stran-

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Hospital: Deputy Surgeon, Diseases of the Rectum, Out

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eral scientific sessions and the class and fraternity

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lopment ; to effect which the author has given more or less

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phy, wishes to get a shop, and commence business. A shop

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