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The President read an invitation to the members of the Associa-

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With regard to the rationale of the process, most of those who

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fine, is disturbed, and which still'afford to the advanced student abundant

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The adoption of these measures of reform, with the transfer of the

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sists of flbrine, coagulated albumen, gelatinous cellular tissue, fat,

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founds catarrh, quinsy, canker sore mouth, scarlatina, putrid sore throat, &c,

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3. Inasmuch as peristaltic restlessness of the stomach occurs

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any one ; and the size of the tumor is not more than twice the

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careful external examination gave no clue to the probable cause

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Samuel W. Thayer, Jr., M. D., Gen. and Special Anatomy.

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Mood development is in process, it cannot perfect that rich,

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lum, to pass by the ischiatic notch, into which it is exceedingly

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I found that the enlargement and soreness of the belly was not

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clining outwards. The four canines were filed ; her eyes were injected with

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and gave him no discomfort, except from its size. He did

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out-weighed by its concomitant dangers. As you have given seventeen

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usual limits of journalism. This, therefore, will be all we have

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the last dose, it was six beats slower in the minute than just before

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chapters dedicated to foreign plants and products ; and in

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it free to discharge as fast as collected. The cough and expec-

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press and the profession fall heavily on all those inefficient schools which

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of the congenital variety, is the most difficult step in the opera-

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steel attracted and drawn into the anterior chamber.

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too, will receive its appropriate share of attention at no distant period.

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spermatorrhoea (although they may sometimes lead to this,) an af-

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was delivered of adherent foetuses by Dr. Joseph A. Eve, 19th

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sensations in the back, loins, and particularly in her breasts. The

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While the entire article is entitled to the serious consideration of

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cranium reported in the May number of your journal.

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The concluding five lectures are chiefly ted to Gout, its

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the third day, the patient rarely remains in bed longer than

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as heretofore — two dollars: if not paid during the first three months, two dollars

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is obtained through the rupture as well as through the

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W. W. Hitt; Wisconsin, J. K. Bartlett; New York, Jas. R. Wood;

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on the conduct, than either the reason or the mere knowledge of

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