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and edited by the Rev. Robert Walsh, 2 vcls. London, 1818, 4to.

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a chronic one. The liver was harder than normal. The

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friends ; for the symptoms of the corrosives come on suddenly, and Cannot

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Henry O. Marcy, M. D., Boston. [Reprint from the "Journal

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tion of electric arc baths, the following description of which

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accidentally swallowed a piece of crust of toast. She

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The one is the result of calm, deliberate, scientific

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layer. They are more abundant upon the upper than the lower

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in nature ; but the tiny thread-like organisms are so mi-

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which it, therefore, denotes to a certain extent ; or, again, if saZtish and

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the patient is a primigravida or a multigravida. In the first in-

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ated according to effect produced. Trional or sulphonal fre-

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treated on a plan suggested by Dr. Gower.* Ten grains

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is prescribed for aphthjc ; nitrate of soda?, as a diu-

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of diagnosis is by ocular inspection, which must be made with

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-f- K^A)€iv to strike.] 1. Repellent or astringent

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even in the writings of their own masters. There is almost a comic

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any member of this Board that I preferred a printed docu-

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propagated by contagion, running a definite course,

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months old, and where the amount drunk was only two

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union insured a damaged jMnt. A strip or fringe of periosteum may

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tremor, and Friedberger notes that the left arytenoid is much

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The fact that ptyalin is retained from saliva on passage of the

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external condyle has become so worn away that the case is

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