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tympani is very much depressed, it has been found of

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the great remedy, introducing nothing novel or original, but, as far as

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itself is affected. Obliteration of the ureter, both

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at Rome, and make an extract of its ist chapter, and

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Wagons in the field should be inspected at the end of each day's

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IS shigellosis. flenaZ/mparred. Creatinine clearance above 30 ml/min, give usual dosage

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the second or third year. This is, according to Hebra and Kaposi,

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disease. It is not alone for the purpose of investiga-

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temporary character : but, in others (,and I have observed such),

differin 0 3 creme preo

ferred to in the Medical and Surgical Reports of the Boston City

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troubling anyone, and was in better health physically and mentally

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the powdered root, 10 to 20 grains ; 'J. gzta Angelicce, an

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ing for operation. The mortality of the high and the low

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Dr. M. Duncan holds that hour-glass contraction is a

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Heart, seventeen ounces ; right side, both auricle and

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The state courts of New York placed an injunction a

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The proper care of the teeth of school children is re-

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Clinical History. — The clinical history will embrace an account,

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with the latter into the lymph glands. But the results have not yet

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prominent than the corresponding portion of the left. The other

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t develops in robust and perfectly healthy individuals ;

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24. Councilman and Dunn: Am. Jour. Dis. Child., 1911, 2, 340.

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jam on the bottom of the dish, according to taste, and pour

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with vomiting, purging, and most convulsive spasms; the features sunken

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y.-t be placed nt a short dintance from the patient.

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marasmus, and various respiratory, glandular, nervous,

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treatment . Elsevier Science Publishers B. V. (North Holland), 1987

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When transilluminated she had a marked shadow, and as the X-rays also

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articles. The dose is from 3 to 6 grains, repeated three or four times

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by this drugging run me so low in vitiility that I fear'd that I

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the to.xines of the pneumococcus, and if given heroic-

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work of your Profession, will be seriously encroached upon,

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symptoms was going on for two days before the spasms

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presented two irregular superficial tears but neither here nor

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