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determinations, all doctors already understand some-

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nicest small town in North Carolina or the South. If you notice as

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their back, the eyes half closed, the knees rolling outward, the bamfa

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other organs and their various affections, and their influence

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acute gonorrhea and its complications, particularly

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which time he had constantly complained of pain, epi-

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fessional interest are solicited. The Editors are not responsible foi the views of contributors.

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When this state of deprived sense befalls any one, it is but

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and TherapcAitics, revised to correspond with the War Amend-

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day was occupied with Dr. Fallen's case, the details of

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asyliuns. Cases arc not infrequent, and they claim tl

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•wliich, without great care, it is possible to fall into error, wlien ausculta-

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This affection does not appear to have attracted much attention

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SuflBcient space is given to a consideration of anatomical variations, confusing

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severe, these may be replaced by an enema of a decoction of

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his errors, and wishes to introduce them in places where

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heart. Stimulation of this center by a quick percussion

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later. Operation approximately 3 hours after accident'. Amputation of lower

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clinical wards. Indeed, I have only seen one case of diphtheria here,

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the same level as the fracture, and maintains its close union,

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symptoms of autonomic neuropathy and oxybutynin

To illustrate " A Case of Removal of a Rifle Bullet from the Right Ventricle of the Heart,'

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used for drinking purposes, etc. Still under certain

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volume-flow and vice versa. This influence is more marked in the

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abdominal pains. Frequently we have found that if we had relied

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tained nccounts of the Kfossest mismaoagflment in the Cook

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centers, and had succeeded best with measures directed to im-

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oligopnea to which he has referred is characterized by

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heroic operations as Wertheim's for uterine cancer, but when these

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and listen with their mouths open. This co-ordination of eye

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of our State boundary (it seems only the day before yesterday) the

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erythema induratum. Boeck obtained good results by treating these

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healthy individuals, the fever dies out. The next attack is milder,

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with the moral perversion. Thus, Dr. Peddie speaks of an

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plained arrhythmias, amyloidosis or other specific disease

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