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It is freely admitted that this assumption is open to argument, that the position is not sufficiently established to justify dogmatism; but, as it is desirable that th'e truth should be arrived at, reasons will be offered in support of this view, and no doubt we shall have the opi)osite side of the question presented action At the introduction of the discussion we encounter an embarrassment from the fact that there is no accepted description of the clinical history of mountain fever, and that different observers fail in an exact agreement as to its successive phenomena, but the following will no doubt be taken as a fair presentation of the symptoms observed in an average case.


Bamboo tickets are given pronunciation at the close of the Chinese service by the door-keeper, and the patients are summoned to the dispensary by twos, according to the number of their tickets. A case of hydrophobia was received, the only one which had presented effects itself at the hospital.

Time will permit but few remarks to be made on the tablet indic.itions for treatment alTorded by the sphygmograph.

I could adduce other instances, but I refer to these as cases recently published, and probably familiar to many readers On the other hand, it is awell-known fact that such happy terminations are by no means constant, and that the trephine or some similar instrument has sometimes to be used to relieve inflammatory symptoms, v.liich occur as the results of irritation set up by the fractured bone, or to give exit to pus; even then recovery is tiy no means to be despaired of, though, of course, operative interference under such circumstances is far less promising than when undertaken without the inflammatory complication. There was danger from the ordinary uterine sound passing through the fundus uteri. The patient lay in bed some days, and then died from internal injuries. In size the Hereford ranks next to the Shorthorn, attaining very nearly as great weight at not quite so early an age; but the graziers prefer Shorthorn heifers and Hereford steers; they make excellent oxen and steers, but the cows are not prime milkers: this reason makes them popular in England, where beef is the principal object, but they will probably never attain so much popularity here, though when better known they will be more sought for in the West, particularly as they are lower-priced The Galloways, more introduced into Canada than into our country, are natives of the Lowlands of Scotlana; they are usually black, and without horns, and as they are mechanism best fitted for colder and rougher sections than here, are not likely ever to be much introduced, as, though their milk is rich, it is deficient in quantity. At the time we write the attendance is greater than has ever been known, although in the month of June it amounted to patients: buy. Nevertheless in the vast proportion of cases no valve fold or other obvious obstruction has been demonstrated. It is consistent with what is personally known to members of the Faculty individually, that of the select ciass of young early success, and are, within the first quinquennial period of their high distinction are often very early secured Irrespectively of the advantages of a fixed, comfortable, and healthy insert abode tor himself and his family, the position of an energetic and successful civil practitioner in his tenth year, and tiience onwards, is incomparably superior to that of the army medical officer at the s.ime period of his career, exposed to all the risks ot foreign service, in which his wife and children are involved, and in connection with which very heavy expenses are entailed upon him, for which the service provides no adequate compensation.

Her abdomen presented a swelling which extended from the pubic arch to within an inch and a half of the umbilicus; it was more evident in the left inguinal region than in the right, gradually being lost as the mesial line was passed, but possessing well defined borders on the left side. Richard Davy will be pleased to show the whole arrangement, and its practical working, to any members of the profession, on Tuesday afternoons, at the Westminster Hospital.

The minutes of the February meeting A communication from the Medical Society of Jefferson county, in reference to a proposed new medical law for Iowa, was read by the secretary. They package desired that there should be the highest qualification for a general practitioner. The system requires of a full supply of nutriment, and good housing at night is essential.

I was vaccinating the baby of a very nervous mother. There were certain occasions for the prophylactic use of the douche, but it was not called for as a "information" routine measure. Others metformin presented a still less definite onset. It is at once driven to the Imigs, where it is spread over tlie delicate tliin walls of millions of vesicles and exposed to the air inhaled at each act of breathing; it throws out carbonic acid gas, absorbs oxygen, and returns to the left side of the heart fresh and bright once more, and ready to recommence its journey: vs. All septa should then be broken dovni and the interior of the cavity cleansed to the healthy tissue. The accident happened three months before being reported, and the patient dosage was presented in good state of health to the Society. Of the early graduates, a few of the favored men were side sent to Germany, at the government expense, for a series of years to pursue advanced studies. Since then, the Local Government Board have intimated to the Guardians that a resolution of this kind would not be binding on them at any future meeting; and have referred them to the provisions of Article twenty-seven of the Dispensary Regulations, as to the course to be taken under the circumstances.

Physicians and surgeons, even trained nurses, will do a good deed if they warn prescribing their lay friends against the indiscriminate use of antiseptics and germicides.

Alleman introduced the subject of Tracheotomy in Croup and Diphtheria by a very lengthy and exhaustive article giving a review of the literature of the subject at the present day. All medical officers of health have to make quarterly returns to the Local Government Board. It was wholly warranted by the occasion, and signally marks the indignation of the generic army against those who entrapped persons into their hands, and then cruelly tortured them to death. Of the subsequent treatment, little more is needed than a good clean warm stable, the same diet to which the animals have been accustomed in their preparation, tljat they shall be prevented from licking the part, and have Of the tfTcct of the Ksneaux stock upon the calf, I cannot do better kindly lent to me by Mr. After the ether I succeeded in making her comparatively comfortable with subcutaneous injections manufacturer of morphia and suppositories of opium, belladonna, and assaifcBtida.

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