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that the most common of them all is fever, chiefly malarial. But when he

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So long as the mitral valve remains healthy and effective, it

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2. Pleuritic Pains— The application of tiuct. iodine

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cines in several Diseases. By James Hamilton, M. D. Fellow

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on the protective qualities of the blood generally.

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law or journalism. This has been developed into a group of

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to its natural shape and color. It is not a painful

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having been returned in time the article has been postponed until our next issue.

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however, would be to go over a field familiar to you all. I

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called frontal or clypeal hairs. These hairs must not be confused

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form the groundwork of their studies. The elementary

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Zinsser, H. : The More Recent Developments in the Study of Anaphylactic

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highly wrought nervous system, as such an eflFect can

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in his presence such exquisite perception, that the slightest expres-

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thigh, and then supporting and fixing the limb and body in that bent

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so thoroughly to fill his pleural cavity, I decided to

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of the lung, just as it would have been dull as the

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the upper part of the body, with cyanosis and oedema. A continuous

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ously, he refused to eat, his eyes were suffused, pupils dilated, akin cold,

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654-()(i0. — Pearson (D. 11.) Acute necrosis of the rif^ht

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c.c; salt sol. I.oc.c. disintegration less than (2).

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symptoms are thus to be explained is indubitable, and in various

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°i ^^^'^"^^ malaria, may lead to most unfortunate results.

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In the early stages of the disease, by the abandoning of the use of

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little risk and followed by so quick a recovery. This

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fair knowlege of its etiology and pathology and well prepared for its treat-

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The enlaigement of the thoracic base was supposed l)y Matthews

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me to make ; and lastly, with the hope that the collection

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tients under thirty-five years of age no effect upon the

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been punched out. This kind of ulcer, especially, is apt to eat through

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vour of the fish; but a little cayenne and salt may be added, to

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and ordered to Fort Ringgold, Texas, for duty, relieving

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anticipated the author of the book under review; we mean

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France by way of Great Britain, but, according to present ad-

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ing for a day or two, cease gradually, leaving the patient in a

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coccus, even if we only take into consideration the cases in which pneu-

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