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definite proof is lacking. The ovary removed was practically healthy

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with which the earlier surgeons watched their cases, espe-

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pulsations. In all probability, also, should the closure occur from

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Hammond, Frederick Porter, 533 E. L20tfa >t.. Ne^ fork, N"ew York Co.

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H.) Hand exerciser. No 410778; Sept. 10. 1889.— B iggei-

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dition the larva is capable of developing other larvae in

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every ten or fifteen minutes in case of necessity. When it is deemed

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is brought down to the end of the time of Galen. In Le Clerc he

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it was interesting to show the similarity of the conditions, fright,

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on the committee that will place a printed copy of this address upon

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causes may be rendered, to a great extent, or perhaps completely, ino[)erative.

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printed and distributed among the medical practitioners and news-

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called "charity scholars" ; the next "privileged students attend-

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involvement of its walls in the ulcerative process. It is then often pro-

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the dirt and still others thought that they the fourth day when the larvae were very

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, . , - . , , , I given m rather small or moderate doses,

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3. A swelling due to proliferation or distention of a

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DeMeo, A.N.; Lynch, J.M. : Updating Tuberculosis Control in Occupational Medicine,

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as extending dorsad, between the raphe and the roots of

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The object of this experiment was to test the extent of power

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pubic tissue separated. The palmar surface of the finger

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in its lowest part, where whatever fluid it may contain collects

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Definition. — The itch is a disease due to an animal parasite, the Acarus

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of uric acid formed at the expense of the hypoxanthin which originates

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very indelicate advice for the cure or removal of ihe suppression^*'

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duced and pulled back to its normal place without the

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acter. During the night, November 1st and 2d, he took 5. of chloral and 8.

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observation. Dr. N. S. Davis gives the duration of the disease, as seen by

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into the stomach should be kept within the limits of its capacity

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In the early morning the female ffies to the nearest water and

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also quite undisturbed. In some of these cases, even where there have been

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ity of the fundus, apparently from, its being attached

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