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which club-shaped papillae or villi are everywhere found, each
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Etiology. — Cholelithiasis is an exceedingly common condition, being
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involvement, and rarely of the bone-marrow. The liver may also become
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At a Base Hospital the patients arrive too late for a primary
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posterior rhinoscopy, as well as for aural examinations. Anaesthesia
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the hands ; (2) the theory of the degeneration of the connec-
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inconsiderable proportion of the subjects that come under the veterinary
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Sex has a tolerably potent disposing influence. Abdominal surgeons have
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The fifth annual report. September 24, 1889, showed that the number
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employed. At length it came oi-t that the man in going to
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problem confronting us as teachers is to discover that
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utes, until the poor boy complained of a disposition to "break
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patient is thin and weak. There are degenerative changes in the
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Still we have evidence that in certain cases recovery has followed its
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While under the old act only certain trades came under the dis-
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structures, is always attended with contraction. There are appear-
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comes narrow'ed and obstructed. This is a source of
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inserted, preferably, in the latero-thoracic region. In
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buth relates a ease in which he used cocaine in an oper-
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Present Status of the Murphy Button. — J. B. Murphy presented
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sheath are chiefly syphilomata, sarcomata, and myxomata, sometimes
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of the myocardium, as shown by the irregular pulse,
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II.) . The latter^ the true death from starvation, ensues more rapidly
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The medical profession has too long, through indifference or
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spoonfuls of milk, beef tea or beef essence; with the addition, if
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ing noise in tlie head on the right side, which had
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affected and split up into ridges, or, in other cases, it may be the epiglottis
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impressed upon them, and in some instances so enwrapped in
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ing the rest of the year the climate is very agree-
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position. 3. The persistence of tubercular sinuses due to
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cent, sodium nitrite solution is added, the fluid is carefully stratified over concen-
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Definition. — Gangrene is the same morbid process, whether occur-
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metastatic tumours formed, one was cut out and examined, when it was
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stage following it, a discrimination which the nc>n-pro-
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Dr. A. S. Hunter had treated with success a case of hys-
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could be obtained in the curarized rabbit, and at higher
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lar "string" test, the object in each case being to detect the presence of

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