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neous eruptions, obstinate catarrhs, and inflamed bones and joints were

escitalopram oxalate rxlist

sodium phosphate, bismuth, or other remedies, pro re nata.

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falls short of or exceeds the stipulated hour, he well-nigh incurs

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tea. The worst cases of caffeinic headache occur in sewing- women and

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mistake heat collapse for the collapse due to organic disease. The impor-

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cordance with which the cortical cells become at irregular intervals so

escitalopram pharmaswiss cena

resembling wax. Xanthin appears as a hard brown calculus, indigo as

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whenever they occur in a middle-aged person and are neither hysterical

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Acute endocarditis sometimes, though rarely, occurs. The spleen is en-

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emotional or physical excitement which should increase the activity of

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except that it rarely attains so large a size, may also be confounded

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in different parts of the brain of the same case. The inflammatory exu-

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able that this is due to the extension of the air- vesicles by the increased

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number of red blood-corpuscles is diminished, and chlorosis, in which the

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I show you to-day, gentlemen, a case of accidental gun-shot wound

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theless it is in the highest degree improbable that there is any relation

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tuberculosis. Heredity is a strong predisposing cause.

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SYMPTOMATOLOGY. In a typical case of acute meningitis there is rap-

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Next to the column of Goll lies the postero-external column, the

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ture reaches its maximum of 103 or 104 F. during the second week,

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much affected in many instances, even when laceration has been con-

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Waxy casts, which also present a homogeneous appearance, are usually

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chemical condition of the contents of the stomach is to be determined

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the fibrinous exudation is confined to a limited surface, the incessant

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acute osteomyelitis is especially prone to develop when the invading or-

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fever, with chill, violent vomiting, intense lumbar rachialgia, high fever,

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