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beneath the breast, proceed as follows : The gland should be grasped
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remedy. The patient was under my care for a considerable length of
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joint of the great toe (hallux flexus), with cases . . . 165
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the occurrence of labour, but to the hypertrophy of the heart
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the growth. Different fluids, as sugar, Pasteur's liquid,
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breathing first responds while the other compensatory changes more
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4th. — 9 a.m. : pulse 56 ; temperature 100-2°. Half diet.
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In cases in which the paralysis is not complete, the mo
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abnormal condition of the forearm in the male, as noticed by
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was born at Nashville, Tenn., forty-one years ago. In
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given at the commencement of the treatment. In one case the diarrhoea, pre-
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graph of the hand of this case you will see is similar to the
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■lent there in no further neod of acritntiiip it. At tho prc<5cnt timo. wc
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to a specific micro-organism. This, however, has not been satisfactorily
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ciently active antiseptic dressing for the umbilical stum]), and
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on the part of the eastern Professors^ that they feel them-
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It is the last theories I shall address myself to — Eadford's,
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visit, but found none, and there hasn't been any. They were
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other contributions from this gentleman, whom we have
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ence of the troops, the complexity of the operation, the factors of
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manders, and the common lizard, and he considers it as an organ for
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marked oedema but not much hemorrhage, such as those of daboia and
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the limbs. The ligatures may be made of silk, catgut, etc., but they
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subcutaneous injections of gelatine cultures of plague
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spatulae, and the heads of the bones were sawed off with a fine
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connected with the cerebral and spinal nerves." The older anatomists, considered the sym*
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his last sickness as friend, physician and watcher ; speaking of him
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of the Medical Department of Western Reserve University
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the operating building, constructed, I believe, under the
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There is a form of chronic chorea which is frequently

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