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Resident Medical Officer ; doubly quaUfied. Salary, £105 per annum,

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those described by Mr. Treves, but that the treatment re-

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mand, is appointed to the medical charge of the station hospital at

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corded in that in the first the vascular system of the choroid

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more efficiently rendered by the skilled than the unskilled hand: the

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cations to the Secretary, at the office, :i4, Finsbury Circus, E.C., by

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slab to be used in testing for bile pigments, and bottles for

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foods in general, and he very soon got denounced himself as

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New Jersey State Legislature. A Bill has been introduced

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the succession of movements in the segments untrustwortliy.

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correspondence. Quite recently Dr. McDonald asked in the

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question of the prevalence and alleged increase of leprosy in

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College, London ; H. B. Rygate, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Guy's Hospital ;

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when the patient began to get up, or a slight return it the

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is expected to visit for the latter tee In many middle-class

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of this District mil be held at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, on

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in respect to the destination of medical officers on their first

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iin a manner necessarily more or less perfunctory in the name

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o[ service was most unpopular ; and those medical officers who were in

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almost at the same time he became Warden of the College.

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of which the profession in this country is largely indebted to

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would be sufficiently often for the employment of soap.

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medical officers partly employed in private practice were

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persistent jaundice of two years' duration, which it was

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banks of this very river to which a cholera patient had been

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been proposed, witti callow rashness, to extend the system of

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Fleet-Sdeoeon Maek a. Harte has been placed on the retired list,

0871 789 66 77
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