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one of its Presidents, when he delivered a scholarly address on the " Life

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Ophthalmoscopic examination commonly shows slight pallor of the outer third

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cases in which I have given the drug for the purpose of pre-

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flagyl 500 mg metronidazol para sirve

fully revised, and it is clearly the proper repository for all

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exit, and are moving this dust out. Only a very small

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I. The angle of reflection is equal to the angle of inci-

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and that he felt a crushing, as if he was being torn in pieces. It was

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case was complicated with persistent albuminuria and anasarca. No post-mortem exam*

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usually in the form of glistening scales or spongy masses ;

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to-day my text will be pneumonia. The committee in selecting the

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boy had run after htm with a knife, threatening to kill bim, when he

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Darlington Hospital and Dispensary. — Eesident Medical Officer.

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tion involves a repetition of the same meaning in different

flagyl metronidazole used for

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or mild cases. The diminution bears no immediate relation to tempera-

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although this should alw^ays suggest the possibility of tuberculous peri-

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fact long hair or beard is out of place on an operator, and often have I

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view to demonstrate the superiority of medical over surgical methods

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invade it by extension from the left. The fibrous substance is occasionally

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tress usually caused by the withdrawal of the drug.

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Surgery Basic Sciences Conference, first Wednesday, 4:00 p.m., UAMS Education Building, Room G/141

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Pharmacy, for violating the statute in regard to a license.

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medical schools of this State, or diplomas of foreign in-

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are, difficulty of breathing, (which is more considerable

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inuria; alleged great frequency of icterus, which he considers to l)e

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palate and the post-pharyngeal wall, into the larynx between

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