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the second year, and attacks, generally, the lower third of the dorsal

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At least two negative cultures from the nose and throat should be re-

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protologilkal, read pi-otological, for ausuer, read answer,

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Examination of the Pulse by Means of the Sphygmograph

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galvanic current for five or ten minutes daily. In the acute stage rest

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other alarming symptoms, besides the fits, to vanish.

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condition Leukaemia, a term signifying white blood. Bennett applied to

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value. In the first place Ehrlich found, in certain

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10 to observe the twenty-second anniversary of the North-

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nauseous taste. They must not be mistaken for sulphate

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The heart itself did not always escape, for the pericardium was

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It will have been noticed that in my own first communication, I

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rent multiplied by the time of using it. We do not know enough

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to Dr Bruce for his contribution on this difficult subject.

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of the stage of suppuration a supportive diet, reinforced by the judicious use

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Prairie, he purchased a home there. He found the cli-

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nervousness at the time of sexual intercourse. Could it not have been

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any time within the first 2 weeks following labor. The

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extract of male fern, in 5-minim doses, three times a day, con-

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urine showed absolutely nothing abnormal, with the exception of the

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until the whole of the mobile small bowel has entered the sac.

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an affection of the sfomach or bowels. If poor, medical ad-

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rupted recovery. There was never any leakage of urine at

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For the purpose of retaining the head within the pelvis, when the im-

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low spirits, flatulency, weak nerves, &c. the diet should be solid and

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share of liberty if you were only St to enjoy it." This address

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as she had some of the symptoms of pregnancy, such as morn-

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life it is met with, but in advancing years the tendency diminishes

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from 100.2° in the morning of the 9th, to 102.6° in the evening of the 10th.

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the children facing the light. You have those schools everywhere in

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loo£ affo:ted, in Via June aurab^r of Che Edin. Muidhly Jour, of Med. for the pr Bent yeir. A

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Morgagni," 1882 ; Charcot, " Thfese de I'aggreg.," 1857 ; Getting, " Med.

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This form of conjunctivitis, at its outset, requires a

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one bronchial gland was caseous. Nothing else of importance was

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of manpower, irrespective of quality, is preeminent.

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the outcome of the surgery. Anesthesia time exceeded 3 hours in 579 instances

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the process as published having been carefully carried

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