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placed in very delicate situations — a fact which you may not fully

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this, which is to be read by the profession indiscriminately, should

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my first visit, I detected slight swelling and tenderness in the

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pressure ; those of the first two being oftentimes excessive in the

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they burst their cell-wall, and move off with great activity.

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the surrounding skin should be painted with tincture

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sults. Another is the character of the men who make up its rank and file.

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work issued from his press. Dr. Penrose is so well known, as

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climate, why are not all the diseases of warm climates, congestive

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water, and gradually increased to two, and even more, without

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m } their sides forming articulating surfaces with the prono-

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3. That the effects were invariably exhibited on the parts above the wound,

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tion from every student of medicine who has commenced practice

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bathes the skin, unable to assume the form of vapour. How will

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of our homes, and to the kinder auctions of our hearts.

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nerves. Respiration consequently continued, without inflat-

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free evacuations of mucous, blood, and fecal matter; the dis-

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of madness ; it has not yet demonstrated what is the precise alteration in

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"For cases of tubercular disease in its early stage before

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would cause tympanitis, ileus or strangulated hernia. A weakened or too

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completely disappeared. In this case it was probable

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daily toil for subsistence, this same " when 1 was in the army" is apt to

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or of examining the greatest variety of new, interesting and rare arti-

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displayed in dentition ; as also the influence of impressions made

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thing be once successful at a single point, competition and professional opin-

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the humerus, it seemed to have struck the head of that bone,

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convey the eisodic excitor influence, and the exodic excitor influ-

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fectly united. During the boiling it must be constantly stirred with a piece

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cold spells being apparently attributable to the depressing influ-

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For the external hemorrhoid the author advises the simple

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ditious.. The incision was commenced upon the upper surface of

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