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will simply refer very briefly to the ground we have been over.

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cident remained for examination, the pot which contained it having been

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Hospitxl for Women, etc. VoL IL Pp. 270. Xcw Sydenham Society.

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"habit" of wetting the bed at night, and one of them also his clothing in the day

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teen pounds' weight to pull down the femoral muscles.

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tutions, and feel that they owe it to the profe.ssion and to our

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circumstances. Gutta-percha varnish may be sometimes

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atmospheric dust, but Pasteur proved conclusively that this

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In the middle of the nineteenth century it reappeared in German medical

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of earache, which receive but little attention, or are

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le 29 obtained milk from one dealer, H. The other two were in

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and temperature, may all be normal. In reference to gen-

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cavity, arising from the floor of which three teeth are found, each

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ever, manifestly attaches special significance to the fact that the

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health, as evidenced by rajiid increase of weight, resulted from

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the heading " uraemia " rather than eclampsia. In the

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confusing. Wlien the onset is sudden, one or another of the special

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the liver, the spleen, the kidneys, the lungs, may be diseased;

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by religious excitement, directing with great intelligence how he should

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or even instant death, such as that produced by sewers or

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of the United States, and only one in British America, and he resides at

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is regulated according to the wants of the system. These

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for tlie public good to enforce it without delay. Considering,

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This bundle contains both ascending and descending fibers —

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tion of very small papules and vesicles, most severe on

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ing what may be done by repair. In one case he had at Edinburgh, treated on

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to offer. The case is very different, however, when

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before this Society, and afterwards before the Medical Association, a

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