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" The discharge which, you will remember, was so very
as in the first di'essing after operation, by the twisted sutures.
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will give a proper amount of pull on the lung. The size of the empyema
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to the success of the system, especially during the winter. But these
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of Raynaud's disease in adults, and that has developed very quickly.
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it when in recumbency ; others can only do mental work when in the
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facilitate the easy care of the patient. The mattress should not
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both be found to have a certain amount of truth in support of their re-
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tion of the then resident officer, Mr. Burch, and the gentlemen, stu-
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even in the virgin. As the commonest example, I may point to the
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until the session following that in which introduced.
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stance of the principal ordinances in relation to this subject,
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through cornea between center and inner margin, across
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upon my mind the conviction, that when dropsy comes on after disease
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can be done without an assistant. The after treatment with
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no exudate; raspberry tongue; punctate rash on roof of mouth; brilliant punctate erui)tion
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on Feb. 14th, 1859. She stated that she | from the surface; in others, of nearly the
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be conscientious the battle is won, and it only remains
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Conclusions drawn from Observation upon the Human Subject un-
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times spared. If, however, information be desired, it should not be with-
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tive material ; but he admits that there is still room
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In spite of the small number of cases, the long duration of many
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tion. The patient, a man, 30 years of age, was admitted
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are respectfully and earnestly invited to meet with and join us in
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or visible pulsation. Chest: Thin-walled, syn. metrical, numerous scratch marks
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1899, Ivi, 393.— Bacli (./.A.) Epiphora and its treatment.
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sudden and more effectual result followed. Dr. Chapman recom-
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the solemnity of his oath to tell all, and to suppress nothing
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be desirable to submit them to some opinion on behalf of the Society.
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passion, and that he fancied, that both Physiology and Pathology
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fourth year. The final examination is practical as well as theoretical,
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other, and the progress it has made is rather a subject for pride
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examined tiie body. All the abdominal viscera externally, appeared
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Mr. Butlin^s Case of Epithelioma of the Vocal Cords. 57
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tised upon the public by designing speculators. I'he)
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Surgery in the case of candidates for its licence. 3. That
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which sensitization previous to x-ray treatment gives, is largely
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seems to improve. Her pulse is hurried, — her breathing short. I
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Fig. 13. — Pulse-curve of a Double Tertian During Apyrexia. Temperature,
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periences relief from the pain when he swallows the smoke.
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paragraph there is the rant and crazy verbiage of the
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ment pursued, remarked that Mr. AVardrop had only treated
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his duties as director of professional services and

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