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officer, the court says that the law imposes no such duties upon

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Elizabeth Edwards, set. 54, was admitted into the Black Woman's Medical

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proper extrinsic functions to proliferative activity, the greater

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surprised that the "authorities have not interfered long ago

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upon the cause which produces these gases, that is to

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eases of the Skin, Mr. W. Coulson on Diseases of the Bladder, Mr.

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ducted — by Dr. Carson, Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy in the

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which a small hole of the size of a pin's head could still be perceived. The

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of acute and chronic diseases of the brain. These cases, in con-

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pressed by many prominent men as to the value of the

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over, while the absolutely definitive location of a kidney

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pharmacology, as well as upon certain well-defined prin-

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complaints are very similar to those of the gouty as regards

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the daily diet of children, youth and adult persons

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with the same substance as that met with near the pons varolii. Upon the

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upon the lives of persons who refuse to avail themselves of the

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and properly adapted forceps (made of a material resembling very fine

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laboured for a considerable time under a painful disease — cancer of the

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of the symptoms in Mr. Thompson's case, he (Mr. P.) believed that a case

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