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Next in frequency will come that hyperaesthetic condition of the
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become fixed at a particular spot and remain stationary for a
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Oakes, Staff-Assistant-Surgeon F., to beStaff-Surg., vice W. Skeen.
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washed with warm carbolic lotion, i in 100. The mixt-
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molecules of the histologist, and demonstrate how all research and disco-
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under three different sets of nurses, and over a period of
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Dr. Bailey: It is not often that I get a chance to speak on surgery,
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more with the left ear. The faradic reaction was entirely lost on the
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385-401.— Hirsch (H. H.) Zur i'rage dcr Beeintiussiing
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or to 0.634 gm. ; there was also a slightly increased retention of phos-
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The number of American medical men who go abroad for the pur-
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usually in pairs, sometimes in short chains ; at other
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per c.mm. In nearly CAery instance the only cells found were lym-
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will speak of only the rod and cone layer in this part
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milk needed was practically twice the number of pounds
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can be lowered the patient's condition will be improved. Now there is
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belong to the history of the follicular evolution."
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of the bacilli into the sediment, it does not afford absolute
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European inhabitants. The reasons for the lesser prevalence of the
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The actual (except No. 5) fields especially illustrate the red cells from 6 cases of
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Fifteen seconds later every fifth auricular beat was blocked (Fig.
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sue must be removed for some distance outside the tissues involved as
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gation are set forth at length in an exhaustive article in the Zeitschrift fur
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married life before her last attack of pain and haemorrhage on March 6.
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covers (he fore legs, but these, furnished with their proper
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obesity, especially chronic nephritis on account of the
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come aggravated. Finally, all hygienic precautions are
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jective sensations of light and colour. On careful examination,
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should be of interest to every one. It is reassuring to note,
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Moise and denouncing the assault upon his character. Mr.
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one hundred patients to save the ten who are kept from death by care.
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diseased kidney as in chronic interstitial nephritis may be pro-
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Bluff, Ala ; Chorea, S. W. Fain, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Conservative
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order to accomplish anything in limiting the spread of scarlet fever
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bacillus. When I do not find it I think it is another infection. It
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imparting an abundance of carbon and hjwogen, which, meet-
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about January 2.Ttli. Then constant fa!cal and biliary
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of" epityphlon " as indicating a something attached to the outer surface of
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nine years. In one case, a child nine months old was affected with
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nensis (subcutaneous collections of pus, destruction of the skin, centres of
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n which hydrotherapy is of great value. In incipient
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Collection of Garbage. — Erom a sanitary standpoint, and even from
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local aifection ; while the other belongs to constitu-
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oigot here would only increase the sufferings of die patient, whilst it
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Dr. Williams — Perhaps some of the other members heard it. I did not certainly take
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rain, damaged ensilage, and distillery grain. The latter is said to
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ding its skin, changes to the adult insect. The tick is instrumental

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