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has performed suprapubic prostatectomy with good results.

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has either San Francisco or New York. The numbers represented in

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ranging of the cuts that one can all but read the book

is there a generic for inderal la

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dilatation of the right cavities of the heart. Hence, turgescence of the

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so frequently employed by the gynecologists, is also to be recommended,

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fell backwards into its natural situation. Until within a few days of his

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which affects the nerves ; and then to diminish and take off

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Charcot, De la pneumonie chronique etc. Th. d. P. 1860.

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Scotland Blood Transfusion Service, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Scotland. MacMillan

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must fall back to the fundamental source of all our information

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The nnicoiis menthrane of the stomach naturally re-

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with the residue of carbonate of soda. None of the samples proved

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1445. Thus, miliary tubercles, some of larger size, but yet

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quently; though generally in typhoid fever, cough, expectoration,

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I « XXIII.* — George Johnson, boot-maker, ret. 21— admitted 8th December

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brown, speckled with white. First long vein has two typical spots

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uncomplicated, sometimes we hear a feeble sound, but far oftener a

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meric substance, which, in its essential characteristics,

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medicine until Morgagni (1683-1771) published the De Sedibus et

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me— that we are to have one method of treatment for the rich,

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disturbances, or to poisoning with lead or mercury. In the acute

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think the case worthy of relation (although I do not know it to be

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dition which determines it and in which it may be said to consist, is

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weakened, but strengthened and vitalized by the attention

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William Adams be restored to the Medical Register."

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" such visits;" the insertion of the words " except as above

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workers such as Ur. AValters, however, we owe much, not

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pain, and answered questions slowly but with intelligence. Towards the

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