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beneath the endothelial layer, whenever the cells of the latter have suffered
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for his needs, adding to it some form of fat in cod-liver oil or cream ; but if
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formed, which gradually coalesce. The larger ulcers have somewhat
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the eventual cause of death. Such examinations create the impression
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much greater ease than when the intestines are flaccid and freely movable
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dicines down . '> the bottom of the abfcefs ; and
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the appendix. So that in all cases presenting the symptoms which have
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are often past middle age, and not infrequently stout or gouty. (2) In the
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being* added to aid solution. The latter injection is said to give good
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The great omentum, however, probably because it acts as the chief
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of them is essential for a better understanding of antenatal pathology. Descrip-
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1012, but more apt to reach an abnormally high level than the former is
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have none of the disadvantages observed in those made from phosphorus.
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stomach in the abdomen affects the circulation and respiration, and when
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somewhat wasted. Many of these symptoms are no doubt directly due
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paralysis of peristalsis, with stasis of the intestinal contents — a condition
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those not so cured are left with relatively small cavities easily
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pain ; vomiting is not common, although nausea may be present. Flatulence
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the remaining three there is no mention of the peritoneum. In
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ground; that the plasmodium, in fact, is a parasite of the mosquito as
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Rotation of the child's body to make the child face the displaced arm
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under an anaesthetic will as a rule reveal the characteristic tumour in some
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malaria, it makes for salubrity ; but a valley which is badly drained, hot,
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cranial pressure usually develop some time after the other signs and
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leads to the needle and in this latter tube is inserted a lamb's wool filter.
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