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regiment was ordered with Gen. Butler's expedition to New Or-
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tive, Ablterfive, vehemently Attractive, Digeftive,
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Dr. Stanton explained that the statements made were from
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in term almojt like the Jirft DcfcrJrd, faving that
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or dislocated or in which the upper ribs and cla\dcle are turned back
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ny times cures at the Arft intention : and other de-
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gives eafie in the Colick, and gripings of the Guts;
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a time, at leaft -five or fix times a day 5 it takes
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V irtues of the Effence, is a Specifick for cure of the
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Plant has a white Root , which fpreads it felf divers
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whatfoever ffrengthen the Stomach, chear the Heart,
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away , there follows the Seed of a whit iff) or Silver
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valent Sand heat for fourteen days , then boil in Bal-
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mach, caufe a good Appetite, and purity the Blood :
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it, but never could find that bitter Tafte in it but
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Injected into the Womb it fofeens the hardnefs there-
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dium Pauli Ef Plinii, according to Matthiolus , Lug-
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well befits the fingle one, and the divided they call
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Also the trend of thought of the patient may disclose signs of
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leffer Fleabanes , are much more efficacious to all
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greateft Extremity ^ thefe ill Accidents this Medi-
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mo] us, & m fits vulgarc , Umbilici Veneris Species
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on the out fide ; its Leaves are alfo a little broader,
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Stalks, jointed at feveral places up to the top, grow-
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afterwards of divers colors and f pot ted. This ' Kind
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to the end of Augufi, and the Seed is ripe foon after.
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ner and Dofe, but is not fo powerful or Ipeedy in its
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stained with bile were removed from the peritoneal cavity and
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it (hoots forth underneath many long thick Fibres, by
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that thefe which grow upon the Stalk, are very like
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my for neoplasms in which one or both of the ureters may be
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and Virtues of thefe are the fame with thofe of the
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PJeudonarciffus latifolius flore multiplici -, and in
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Jet with fmall long Leaves , cut in or dented on the
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heal. Its Root like to the /aft is fmall , but no ways
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Urinary Parts, expels Sand, Gravel, and Tartar, and
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of them are long and narrow, like thofe of Lavender,
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IV. T 7 j<? />/, 0/- Our common Garden Radifh.
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ist kamagra in deutschland verboten
them f month and finning, which may be kept between
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called Colus Jovis, reprefents in the very top of the
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edges, the leffer in like manner dented as the greater.
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warming: and ftrengthening the Parts afflicted : It
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humerus for sarcoma and transplantation of upper portion of fibula to
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nefs , which are faflned together by many long Fibres
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the out fide : From whence rife up J mall round and
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cefiity, in a Glafs of White Port Wine, or other fit
how long does it take for kamagra to work

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