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manner in which the chorea movements were under voluntary

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How many children does a fertile woman produce living in

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in women so early as six weeks from labour. — Monats. f. Qeb,,

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sucrar-cane, indigo, tobacco, maize, &c. find a genial climate.

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proper digestion of vegetable foods than it is for the diges-

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occur from irritation by dust, sunlight, the eruption of

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resolutions. These were the following, and they embody the

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care, the result apparently of fright. After death the substance of the brain

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cerned in the important operations, were also dissected and demonstrated. His

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construction of this instrument is figured in an illustration, and

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spasm of the glottis at times proves fatal when the substance

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and by the microscopical appearances of the parasitic ftingus which

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was off Vera Cruz, where the fever was reported to be present,

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exciting cause. She died some years afterwards of fever, having been convulsed

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tion of the uterus impeding the placental circulation, so that the

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mental emotion caused death. Mr. Winslow entered into the consideration of

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as to voluntary isolation of possibly infectious persons,

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represent the united membranes of many cells which have been

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the English language; they are brought up to the present state of our knowledge on

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intermitting fever, it may be said that it seldom continues long, even in the

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mended by some surgeons^ and it is worth trying any remedy to

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maladies is very various. "The discrepancies," observes Mr. Farr, "maybe

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days, but generally the duration is longer. In the acute and

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means of the water. We might as well make a new word for the use of any

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On the other hand, of the 23 cases in which pneumonia was found, only one

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deaths, or 86 per cent. The 25 amputations for disease all terminated

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remedies had been fruitless, and the pain was seated in the upper

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life is stated to be forty; whilst we learn from Dr. Jackson, that at Peters-

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obtained En^elken considers that the electrical stimidus should

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We regret to find no communications from Drs. Wilks, Old-

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thermometer. An appendix contains a list and description of

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got worse, the attacks being more numerous, to the amount of fifty or sixty in

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the left eye. Two hours afterwards he opened the eye as well as he

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