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subject him to long operative measures. But where he can bear it the

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(2t) Right Ifeeurrrnt Lar\ngeal {'aialvHis ... ... i:»7

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formed of the motor power of the stomach. Under normal conditions,

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be required to carry out the recommcndation°proposed

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or indirectly to the powerful influence of a single commanding

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Hopkins with the view of presenting a summary of recent

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attachment of the ovum to the ampulla of the tube, but through

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guinea-pigs and the animals examined from time to time for enlarged

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report. A total of 918 samples— nearly a third more than ever

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itself, at the time of spontaneous ovulation, either in consequence of

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besides its presence in the sweat. Pigmentation of the urine and milk

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organizations, maintaining such a character of jurisdiction as would

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For what is the pathological significance of " pain, the result

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are as follows: Hysterectomy for fibroids, 1004 cases, 17 deaths,

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one hundred and four days after leaving the port. The period of incu-

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Case CCXIX.*-— Miles Murray, aet. 25, labourer — admitted November 7, 1851.

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the patient. We cannot always depend upon the presence of

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some of the mixed tribes of Indians inhabiting Central America, and we hope hereafter

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ann wa.s removed, by the circular operation, about three inches be-

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There were increased expenditures for the first nine months of Fiscal Year

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* Gynecologist to the Presbyterian Hospital and to the

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bottle an amount of antitoxin in excess of the quantity

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Familiarity with the natural sciences would enable her

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equipment with intricate electronic components will function optimally only

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at eight inches with the left, and at six inches with both. On examination with

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the physician is simply to see that isolation is carried

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may be considered as an example of such malarial regions. But a

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to this experience was in a case in which he had inci-

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Now, if one considers the relatively small size of the cell groups

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to return. Strange to say, she cares only for the coarse

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right side of the heart. In expiration the blood is dammed back into

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long as they are moist, part with any virus to the surrounding

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nized when the babies are sitting up or l}ing down, but they are recog-

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cubes; cut the onions very fine; wash the barley. Put

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like ague, and was glad to hear that Dr. Mantle had seen

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Bull. Soc. anat.-clin. de Lille, 1886, i, 127-132. — Oodlce

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