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show extremely varied degenerative changes. The gases that

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it and points to the fact that it had been known for a long

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nent peril and cannot stand a prolonged pyosalpinx, a hydrosalpinx, or a hemato-

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develop in the uterus of the female and the minute young to

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the haziness concerning the distinguishing features of these

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lina, at the Annual Meeting in Wihnington, May 29th,

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promptly arrest obstinate vomiting, and it will also check

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changes in shape and position, and later the bacillus typhosus, one tenth its volume

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§ 149. Prevention. Owing to the wide distribution of

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Section I. The newly installed President together vyith its roster of all officers and

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tumor and adjacent tissue at once. The application of caus-

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The results of the investigations already made along this line,

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study of bacteriology, a brief account of the The work in Preventive Medicine, Clima-

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a succedaneum for quinine in intermittent fevers ; but it has

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which no sinking in of the inner caruncle occurs, nor any per-

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evacuated. The abscess should never be allow'ed to break of it-

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tack upon the person and good name of iiis estimable and worthy men, fully entitled

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mucous membrane often projects, in the form of large tumors,

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produced sleep lasting nine hours. ^^ ^^.j^ ^^;^ diathesis.— Therap. Monatsh.,

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primary sore was that in the third stage it manifested no ten-

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through an infected chicken yard. The same care is necessary

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Diseases caused by bacteria — genus bacili^us 169

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quacks in this country — there is no more as that I have imperfectly outlined to you,

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epileptics in one hundred and fifty cases, treated with belladonna. His

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principles, which can not be made artificially from plants nor extracted

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16. That the disorganizing process may advance with great rapi-

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§ 292. Characterization. Trichinosis is the disease

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These gemmules have an afl&nity for the cells of other parts of

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