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In attempting to prove a direct relationship between the brain

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Ophthalmic, and Pathological Departments of the Hospital.

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slept soundly, we have eaten heartily; we have been cozily

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power of reaction, is observed among many patients now-a-days,

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the usual symptoms, earache and purulent discharges, &c., occa-

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the animal body. At the same time he must be careful to keep

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reached the oesophagus it was not visible, being quite empty and

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more inviting, but is it as profitable to all of us as a

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thus in the British Lying-in Hospital between 1790 and 1800 the

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shall see in a few seconds a droplet of iluid — at first

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^ him, a cardiac but a respiratory poison. It is closely allied in its effects

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temperature in health is 9 8°' 6, taken under the tongue ; it was

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self is made up largely of fibrous connective tissue which is very firmly

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Stereoplea, or the Artificial Defence of the Horse's

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dilatation of the pancreatic duct or its branches due to obstruction,

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fore the "Pliiladelphia IJ'-anch of the 'Ihomsoiiian Friend-

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by external means ; while the rest of the bone (the shaft) furnishes

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It is givi-n annually by tlic Junior Class in lionor cit tlir i;r,i(lu.itinii cl.iss.

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should be administered hypodermically, for this will relieve the pain

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cases it is difficult to expect the resident student, or, for

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cieDtly employed. The system is never affected, and there is no

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Monday and YVelnesd ly, from 1 to 2 o'clock. These Va-eiaati m i ertiticates

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a lecturer ! We call especial attention to this very un-English

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face and chest to excite respiration. Gave brandy and water in small

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acute, and terminates either in recovery or death, in most cases, within a few days. It

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When it is an object to produce an abundance of fresh virus, therefore,

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claim to make pure gluten flour. Others are more conscientious, and

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number of men were engaged pulling down a rotten old building ;

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operation and an aRoptic Hurgeon. 2. A Hmall inciHion — in the

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coagulation of blood within the cavity, and its consequent obliteration.

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2. Myiasis Vulnerum. — When eggs or larvae have been deposited in

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are graduated as doctors in medicine, whose preliminary education, and physi-

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subsides gradually and slow recovery follows, or death may ensue in a

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the machinery by which the nerve impulses pass, and a sort of a clogging

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