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the heart after death, physicians had arrived at a just explana-

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delivered extempore appeal more directly to the minds

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that a guarded prognosis as to complete eradication of the pre-

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small one for twenty dollars. Appended are the experi-

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Abt - Garrison History of Pediatrics from Pediatrics Vol. 1 Ed.

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by Leiter in Vienna, which is provided with two catheters, and at the same

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complete in the course of four or five weeks. Reappearance of the friction

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sufferer from pains in her head at intervals for years,

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dangerous than formaldehyde, and since the only ad-

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as well as from Europe. It has many advantages and a

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such a case must have been withdrawn from the tissues. This dilution

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case of eruption due to iodide of potassium (mild because the cause was

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accounted for by the fact that the morbid growth began upon

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the last five years the gums and roof of the mouth.

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daily bath of the tissues in well purified blood consumes the ptomaines,

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SUPPURATIVE PYLEPHLEBITIS. — This is always a secondary dis-

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Possessed of brilliant talents, ardent in the pursuit of knowledge,

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and that when growth is very rapid, mental action is

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he would have no recollection of what had taken place. On

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looking over a list of sixteen cases, all fatal by paraplegia, I find less eA"idence

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treated with eucalyptus, eleven came from talented families,

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of the externa] iliac ; ligature with kangaroo tendon ;

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upper extremity of the organ where to about the depth of three-quarters

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with numerous eocliymoscs in the cortex, due to impaction of the con-

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It may be now taken as an axiom that in a large projxirtion of

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Annals of the British Homceopathic Society, and of the

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five years more than the corresponding expectation for males in

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