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course the dispensarians retorted that their opponents within
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selves to the sea-shore to shoot ring-tailed pigeons. He lies
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A microscopical examination has also been made by Ballantyne, who
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best to adopt the Weir Mitchell method in its entirety from the
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the muscles of the thenar eminence ; especially the abductor and opponens,
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may appear before the slightest sign of hypei'Eemia can be detected, yet
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felt tempted to say, "What a gain it would have been to
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round the edge where the redness is still visible; so that the papule
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Mechanical restraint must not be employed without conforming to
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illusions, or hallucinations chiefly connected with ideas of poisoning,
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sexual secretions, we have that most blessed of all institutions
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an arch in an ivy-mantled rock, in a secluded dingle, to his
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though less severe in degree, and possibly also lupus erythematosus, are
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as the knee ; and it concerns the area of distribution of the external
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using the split-drop technic at the end point, to deposit
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motor energy in making many attempts before arriving at the proper
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have lasted longer had it not been for Mead's repeated and
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Toxaemia, whether due to external poisons, or to changes in the
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limb. There is no fever, but often intestinal colic, malaise, backache,
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at night, and the skin should afterwards be dusted with powder.
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met with practising the healing art. The tooth-drawer's,
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at his cases from this point of view ; for it often leads him to found his
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25, 1892. — 74. Oliver, Thomas. Intern. Clinics. — 75. Osler's Lectures. Syphilis:
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there are two special groups to which much attention has been given.
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muscle is (a) less excitable, (b) shortens less, and (c) can do less work ;
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Open than he had ever dreamed of in his philosophy. There
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longer time. Various complications may coexist, such as erythematous
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decorum, by phlebotomy. Her complexion, indeed, lost the
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papular affections, and to restrict it to one specific form of disease —
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Vide " Pyodermia," p. 911; and article "Erysipelas" (vol. i. p. 614).
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streams of the wondrous fluid. They embraced the pa-
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Kaposi so far falls into line with other observers that he admits
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sooner. The tongue may likewise present tremor, either when at rest
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Gynaecologist, Mount Sinai Hospital, Out-Patient Department. i2mo. Cloth. 61 Illus-
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this movement finds vent ; he touches every post as he goes along, and
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tion ; in these cases early and careful feeding is essential.
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also the line of Vicq d'Azyr). (iv.) Polymorphic layer of cells of various
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socks (also of lint) attached. A mask of lint should be used for the face
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(ii.) Secondary general exfoliative dermatitis. — In these cases the condition
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sically. Such a practice is common only amongst high and

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