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vided the other kidney is unaffected. Death may occur from uraemia or

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and Descriptions of eve^ known variety, together with all other Informatum of

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pyemia and septicaemia has already been considered under sei^ticaeniia.

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The only cerebro-spinal comjilication which is met with in typhus fever

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profound mental emotions may superinduce fatal shock. Prolonged

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tendency to pulmonary phthisis, there is always danger that the new

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150° F., may be employed. Neither the steam nor spray inhalations should

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middle line and also extends down in through the definitive callus into

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itself to the shape of the thigh, and by regulating the suspension appa-

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excoriations. Constitutional vices and tendencies should be corrected by

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satisfactory results. ' More recently, favorable results have been reported by

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when " partial," it is limited to the neck and bas-fond.

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Cancer of the Penis demands amputation and removal of the en-

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The inflammatory signs have disappeared, and fibrous adhesions have

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the coats of the stomach and intestines become hypertrophied above old

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happy result where other antiseptics apparently failed. It is useful

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and microscopical characters the heart of typhoid fever. The muscular

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nearly 33 per cent. died. The deaths from all other inflammatory diseases

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open inward and give rise to cardiac aneurism. As a rule the cheesy prod-

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marked the dulness. There is a sense of resistance accompanying the per-

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disease will have been well defined before the develoj)ment of the peritoni-

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after a few hours ; but avoid extremes, endeavor to keep the patient in a

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the slightest irregularities in diet, on account of the implication of the gas-

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Yellow fever is an endemic miasmatic contagious disease, which usually

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torn or rent in circumscribed pulmonary hemorrhage. In describing this

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or four watery discharges from the bowels in twenty-four hours. Such

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ficult, it is u-sually made by the patient. Its source can only be determined

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alkaline, and persistently deposits urates, oxalates, and phosphates in

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mucous membrane is sometimes paler than normal, sometimes intensely

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Treatment, — Apply cold water the first twenty-four hours; subse-

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tities of fluid from the body, and consequently the fluid portion of the

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eroded or destroyed by a process of caries. . Sometimes, before the

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and the pleural cavities may contain some serum. When oedema of the

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membranes of the stomach and intestines, and they may be found on the

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should be done, a consultation should be held. The patient should be

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comes ingrafted on a chronic intestinal catarrh. The symptoms, prognosis

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then, whatever may have been its cause, the prognosis is bad. When the

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to guard against any sudden physical effort daring the early period of con-

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diac systole, and when this bulging occurs on the anterior surface of the

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be very soft or firm and elastic and is single. When metastasis occurs

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heals on the surface and the infected secretions being retained, pus is

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tian, strychnine and quinine, combined with aloes, will often effect more

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shoulder. It may result from twists of the arm, or from muscular

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