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Salford. The mortality from " fever" showed no marked excess during

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preparation that " soda- vater " is drunk at a public-house or

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tionable, and they desired that arrangements should be made

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reagent renders the proteid matter more insoluble ; in fact, one has to

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that his extremities had been larger than normal ever since

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no encouragement of the idea that the present construc-

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7' lbs. The mother made an excellent recovery, and was dis-

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removed the growth after some days and united the two ends

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strong solution of chloride of zinc, and the wound drained.

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Surgeon- Major CM. 'IHOMPSON, M.B., Madras Establishment, is directed

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nuclein after gastric digestion ; itthercforeisthenucleo-albuiniii : it con-

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■passing about 4 grammes per litre of albumin. Two grains of

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number of ladies and gentlemen to a musical and theatrical

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strong. As water is very plentiful, it is impossible for

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In the face of the overwhelming official statistics which we

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work of a radical stamping out of the cholera, because all of

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shall be forced to pay £44. I am neither rich nor a. grand

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AA'eismann as a basis. It is not too much to say that,

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pointed to act. in addition to liis own duties, as Assistant Surgeon David

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derived from so many roots — fourth to eishth cervicaK The

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played by parasites in the causation of cancer in a work

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Now we come to the second and third stages, and we fee

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in possession of a legal qualification ; but they have

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theory, but will be content with pointing out that the experi-

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sent year was less than in tlie correspondins peiiod of last year. There

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very cordial reception, for there is no one more regarded and

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fungoides, an affection everywhere regarded as a form of sar-

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polypncea, arrest of the respiration, and death, yet in other

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