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lamentable and humiliating that, in order not to weep, we must laugh

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I myself, after having looked for the reasons explaining certain

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sympathetic irritation when it is not excited by an exterior

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inflammation, thereby causing a mechanical obstruction

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ordinarily done to correct constipation — if necessary a high enema of

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before ablation, and the consequent long delay in arriving

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pigment, and becomes white. Hallopeau and Salmon, and shortly

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but not marked, no boardiness and no mass. Alter the administration of a bottle

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The second case is that of Mrs. M. H. , a chambermaid, thirty-seven

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a mortality one-third lower than that in the towns, it is the same

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depended on the exclusion of germs, or on its local depressing

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"Such a crisis is now at hand; a paucity of medical

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hepatic disturbance — over-indulgence in stimulating

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at the present time rank in all countries among the most

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It is claimed for this high operation that it secures

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COMMUNICATIONS have been received from: — Sir Henry

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various parte of this work, as must prove an inestimable blessing

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Eeduction Plants. — This method of garbage disposal is used in

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After 30 years' service for pension .... £700 per annum.

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not included in them, new forms and methods, calcu-

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remnants of lunches in office buildings and the disposal of organic waste

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and if the workmen are doomed to labor on until they fall exhausted at their

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which were seen, in all the cases examined by the microscope, to

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Idren under five vears of age in thirty states in . ,,.... i » ♦„„

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are still, after many months, doing well and with the wounds

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Today we find Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia

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diately after death from strangulation or hanging. He also removed a

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fills one with admiration at its astuteness. One of their sexual

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degeneration, the heart is, in part or throughout, flabby and pale

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in surgery and a fellow of the National Institute of

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pitals or dispensaries, for the purpose; whereby, as our author urges, a

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tious sounds are moist rales, although the author has also

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