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condition of graduation, an attendance of four full courses of lectures of at

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Action and Uses. — Euphorbium is an intense irritant,

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ures which, apparently possessing all of the character-

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sound to the sudden separation of the vesicular walls during inspiration,

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Is Sttrgfery a Cure for Gtncef ? — Dr. E. T. Davies (Liver-

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general purulent peritonitis in a boy eighteen years

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ment of Dr. Chalmers Miles that it was regarded as a specific

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couraging enough to ruin any project. The untrained

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There might be a cvst containing fluid, and rendering the

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may indicate. And this ana-sthesia may be kept up for

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undoubtedly important factors." The marked discrepancy between

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the standing orders, it is a very fit and proper amendment.

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by others. I was recently called to see a child five months old reported

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material, or be due to the pressure of a thoracic aneurysm. The bougie

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INDERAL LA has different kinetics and produces lower blood levels. Retitratlon may be necessar)

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lost, while all other kinds of memory remained, and mental action was good.

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drowned, I — t>-phoid fever, 2 — gmgrcne, 2 — ha^mon-hage, 1— disease of the heart, 4— -in-

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6E. Clinical Course at the Central Free Dispensary. — Topic: Diseases of the

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ards to the law are discussed, and the latter part of the work is

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