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Hampshire State Medical Society and president of the
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women the condition is associated with child-birth. Children
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by a prism, from a candle placed at twenty feet from the
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then of a livid colour, approaching to black; the pulse
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curs. The introduction of hydrotherapy has in Germany diminished
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pulled down, / represents the force applied ; in the one
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proving the tone of the system still held an important
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19//i and 24^/i. Has been well since the 17th, working with the field
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intervene in a single case of this type, yet a num-
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enable it to exert influence. It has no audience outside of
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While the Flying Physicians .\ssociation is primarily
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below the knees, as will be seen in the illustration. The
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in view of what I must consider its specific determina-
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tor manipulating from behind ; or we may adopt the genupectoral
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studies which show that a relatively large number of per-
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Dr.Frankland on thefunctions in theanimal economy of various
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collapse seems to be due to intraventricular pressure. When lumbar
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A small twisted silk thread will eventually go through any
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six hours a false membrane begins to form upon the toii-
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sections stained by the sulphalizarate-toluidin blue method and made from
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" The action,*' he says, " of these bodies is commonly said
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aged forty-five years, who had worked as a lead smelter for twelve
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fundamental value, but in others where their employ-
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fever, cholera and plague, have been reported to the Surgeon-
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with diminished sensibility and not infrequently with more or less dimi-
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ties of 0.2 cc. or less are employed, while with locomotor ataxia or cerebro-spinal
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duly adjust itself. The civilised savage cannot be so dealt with ; there
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not the rule. ami. consequently, physiological must frequently
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lymphoma " would correspond to the more familiar " non-
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tute the respiratory rhythm, and its frequency and depth
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laws and systems pertaining to the preservation of health
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the gross activities of the body are traced to the activity of the
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the expectoration becomes of a greenish, or reddish, or dirty gray
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ment, a varying degree of the gradual return toward the base line so
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tile rostellum armed with hooks. An intermediate host (insects of various
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extract has been of marked therapeutic value. Whether this is due to
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He is assured that the questions considered have no bearing
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quickly on-coming debility and nervous symptoms. There is a tendency
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a widemouthed container such as urine culture bottle that is
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institute in connection with every liospital. By this
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two-celled, the four-celled, and the succeeding stages of evolution.

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