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papers. The Appeal Court has confirmed the previous

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Examination Hall, Victoria Embankment, -i.i.? pm.-M. Haffkine: Pro-

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about 5'ff grain of caffeine, the amount present in such a

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ing notification, we feel indisposed to allow a practitioner who assesses

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An Abstract of the Lettsomtan lectures delivered before the

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prednisone withdrawal symptoms in dogs

answer to iiuestions, said be would mui.-U rather have tliem thau warm

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Wilson Hogue (Bournemouth), G. G. Campion (Manchester),

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Grahamstown A;5ylum.— At this asylum Dr. Greenlees has inaugurated

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between leprosy and vaccination, and that in the forthcoming


certain number of subjects with teeth to be drawn. I place

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willing to believe— nay, which I do not for a moment believe

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those of mind, body, and morals. As to the mental dangers,

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School. By Ella Hill Burton Rodger. London : William Blackwood

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certain specified conditions, a charter providing for the

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depressed by it, and to a serious extent. When in the

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constant bacteriological control of the famous " Wasser-

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students in Germany who like to have their information con-

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Surgical Journal states that several cases of what is considered

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countered being much the same. The dangers of hypnotism

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but probable, that slight cases of food poisoning are ex-

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management of the Association that, within the first year of

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Tlie President read an abstract of the report of the Com-

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Its Use in Zymotic Diseases.— li given in doses of 4 to 5 grams

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times they ofier as an excuse that spirits cannot, or will

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nothing analogous to this in the case of cancer. A cancer of

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fact showed only too plainly that though the left kidney only had been

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The weight could be increased by pouring in more water.

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hard day's work." The broken-down racer, the brougliam

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tins same river close by the water supply of the asylum is

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from work. " A very fair question," the medical officer re-

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What remains, then, of practical value and of medical

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to the notice of the proper authorities through the parliamentary Bills

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Nutting, Mr. A. Plutikett, Mr. W. Thomson, Mr. Walter Arm-

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Subscriptions to the Association for 18n3 became due on

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communicate to his recent friends and coadjutors. Canon

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prednisone taper 10 mg

for studying this most interesting subject. I will not recapi

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trol 2 died in sixty-six hours. Fed animals: 1 died between the tiftietli

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animal organism in a state of purity during indefinite genera-

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