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Third, a large board secures the appointment of persons of different occupations who are specially adapted' for the various duties devolving upon the board; in the present board there are four distinguished lawyers, one of whom was a former attorneygeneral, two physicians eminent in their profession, five business men of large experience, "depression" and one woman who has long devoted herself to the visitation of the charities of New York. What can be effects more discouraging this reason consumptive hospitals are objectionable.

The poppy itself is called by the Arabs" Abou Nome," "pristiq" or the"father of sleep" (the term" abou" being generally used in the Arabic language, in conjunction with any remarkable quality or feature, to indicate a person or thing.) The opium itself is distinguished by the name of" Sow" As soon as the head has attained a good size, and before it has begun to dry, a long incision is made with a knife, running twice round it in a horizontal direction. The final extinction of the disease is attributed withdrawal not to the imperfect isolation, but to the gradual improvement in diet and method of living among the poor. The most important class of clinically atypical diphtherias are those cases which begin or even run their entire course weight with the clinical local picture pi a typical lacunar or follicular amygdalitis. Some few cases of rheumatic origin lose the signs of valvittlar disease, and are practically restored by the after-processes (for effexor example, contraction) in the inflamed valve; and some few cases also of initral insufficiency, associated with dilated left ventricle, are cured by treatment. These cells are similar in every respect to those of the "succinate" cell nests along the costal margin. The widely distributed sodium chloride even, the most important of all inorganic body constituents by reason of its potency in the processes of nutrition and other phenomena of life, does not influence the corporeal density, as it exists in the organism in limits, however, the greater or lesser presence of this salt in thfe organism or may cause fluctuations in the density of the most important animal tissue, the blood.

Having traced the disease to the operation of a poison acting through the blood, w xr r e have established a starting point from which to advance in the study of its nature. The visual disturbance was the only factor to base the diagnosis on, and if one could only gain have seen the patient earlier the limitation of the field would have been more typical. Been given above in explanation of symptoms and do loss not require to be repeated. The following is an quit abstract of the clinical history and post mortem gives a history of syphilis. In these three propositions we have embodied the true princijiles of hospital construction, and all the discussions of modern times, and all experience and observations have only the more confirmed and estal)lished them (side). The pericardium, not shrinking proportionately with the muscular substance, may present a puckered, opaque, and oedematous aspect,' like a withered apple' (Laennec); and for the same reason the coronary vessels may be "nausea" tortuous and prominent. The following explanation: The off apices of the lungs are most frequently attacked by tuberculosis, because they contain less blood and permit less ingress and egress of air, owing partly to the comparatively inunovable character of the chest wall and also to some extent to the way in which the bronchi leading to these parts branch off from the main tubes. Smith; Northwest Territories, blood George Macdonald, Regina Association will also assemble there during the summer of that year.

Collapse presupposes vs previous nervous exhaustion, while shock may instantly appear in a healthy individual. Cultures smoking on serum agar when prevented from drying may live forty-five days.


"In the diagnosis between scrofulous and primary cancerous lymph-glands in the old, the chief things indicative of cancer are hardness or at least great firmness of substance, close-clustering, deep-seated attachments, pain, and quick increase: does. Response - we must resort also to all the other methods at our disposal for the sanitary examination of Kources of supply of drinking water, and not the least of these is the careful inspection for channels of contamination. Some diflSculty may be experienced in distinguishing between a globular fibroid and a small cystic goitre that has thick walls, both of which lie deeply in the neck; but if the exploratory examination be made, as recommended and above, the difference can The diseases which simulate goitre are cancer of the thyroidgland; calculus imbedded in its subBtanco; lymphadenoma; anenriem; and fatty and other tumours of the neck. More reliance can be placed upon the slow and imperfect engagement of the presenting part, thickening of portion of the lower uterine segment together with thickening and help rugosity of the membranes. The affected toe becomes dusky-red, swollen, and extremely painful; soon after the dark hue of absolutely dead tissue appears, following closely the zone of inflammation; a,nd this gradually spreads onwards till the whole foot or possibly the leg, if the patient survive, becomes implicated: lexapro.

For - this difficulty will be obviated by first introducing into the vagina a little speculum which lets in the air and causes the anterior vaginal wall to drop down, bringing the base of the bladder into the plane of vision.

Dose - he should be taken to a locality Where the soil is dry and porous, and should have frequent baths with friction to the surface of the body.

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