$14 Million Requip Lawsuit Settled

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which excites the aphasia. In the aphasias due to cerebral hemorrhage or

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eration and atrophy, such as we have learned to recognize in severe peripheral

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School of Medicine for Women, so that those students who have

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ever, recovery may ensue at the end of a few weeks, while, on the other hand,

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Examiinaiions. — These are four in number, and take place at the

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Fellows, Members, Associates, and Subscribers have the right of free

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Warrant ahall be diapenaed with on the completion of ten yeara' aervice, unleaa

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moreover, has also been observed in cases of brain tumor, and, in isolated in-

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of the Primary subjects; and the same holds good for the Final

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other modes of expression, which are brought about not by the ear but by

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More extensive tonic contractures of the muscles of the leg are not very rare

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the respective hospital staffs, are open each spring to graduates of the Medical Schools

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equilibrium of the body in standing and walking probably belongs to the cere-

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passing the Matriculation examination. The fourth successful candidate shall

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re-election. He is provided with rooms, and receives a salary of £25.

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specified in contracts which involve the military services. As an Inspector, yov must

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All re-agents, &o., are provided by the College, with the exception of gold,

$14 million requip lawsuit settled

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edible mushroom or boletus. Choleriform gastro-enteritis, eventually with

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are fond of strange or new words, they write interminable essays in advocacy

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we learn of them only on special inquiry and investigation. In other dys-

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intensity and paraesthesia in the neighborhood of the affected nerve. This

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frequently the entire conscious state of the hysterical patient is by no means

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instances it is apparently brought on by violent muscular exertion, mental

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veins (hemorrhoids) and habitual constipation more rarely seem to give rise

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