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have gone from Ins hin^Q to the place where he wa.'i found dead, unless

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measles. These three furnish the principal derangements that

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of the unfortunate inmates and their attendants. — Medical and Surgical

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V. The Motory System ; including the whole mechanism of locomo-

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Locock, Secretary of Embassy in Japan, it is stated that in

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ZI Instls. Both in Off file, Gen Bliss' Off SGO, "Util

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begins at the level of the dentate line and extends to

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grain, are beneficial. The bromide of soda may be given in doses of

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alone causes vaccinia. With the formation of a vesicle

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be f(»bidden. It is improper to prescribe camphor, lupulin, and sim-

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bloc^**:^. .^ g3 occurring in conjunction with menstruation or piles; or, again, it

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lurine next day, in this case, showed no evidence of oxalate of

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In those points which never can be clearly demonstrated, but must

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childbed after her third delivery; in the three following pregnancies and

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16th, 1883, with an exhibition of samples of the anti-

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mometrical, Hygrometrical, Ozonometrical tables, with prevailing winds — and

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to the touch, is like parchineitt; hence the term, '' porch-

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enter again on a fresh phase of activity, they become extra-cellular, and

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By Thomas Morgan Rotch, M. D., Professor of the Diseases of Chil-

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labours. Under the operation of such means, the powers of

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; vv.> v,v.U'Sci unvmia is threatening, because a severe form of

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act ; they furnish fresh arguments in favour of early surgical intervention,

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as there are for preserving historic records or for publishing

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of the best equipped in the State, will accomaaodate about 100

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twenty hours. Sputum from grip patients dried at the ordinary room

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at first, he desires to inquire further, but finds that it is not

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the same time. 2. Prostatorrhoea is the discharge of

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achieve a more precise patient-benefit application of our

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have hitherto been observed only in cases of poisoning with raw meat.

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voisier of Basel, Switzerland, who wrote a historic treatise upon

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fold is here attached to the peritoneum at the internal abdominal ring.

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act within 5 to 10 minutes with peak effect at 45 to 90 minutes

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this method. The exceptional occurrence of latent cases must be retnembcrrd.

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than half a century and who served us a surgeon in the navy

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an impracticable proposition. Further, experience has shown that the

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experimental cases of malaria according to the amount of matter in-

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These symptoms also differentiate it from fractures near the joint,

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resulted from fatty heart, and on a post-mortem examination

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owing to the members' subscriptions being very much

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lactic acid, and the Oppler-Boas bacilli; blood is, however, present. A

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lacrimal point gave fluid in the nose and in the cleft; in the inferior

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Symptomatic Treatment. Cough. — Syrups should be avoided

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