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ing for a considerable time only a few shreds form about the cells
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least alarming symptoms. The superior efficacy of the
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cated, had some headache, conjunctivitis and the buccal mucosa
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upper pari of the cavity of the skull. A large fissure running from
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patients able to bend the limb but slightly — say not quite
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sulfasalazine (azulfidine)
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Tait,' indeed, says that he "assisted to kill " a patient with innomi-
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endemic, exclude one another. In countries where intermittent fever is endemic,
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studies in the lymphatic system, 253 ; physiological leucocytosis,
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the capillary circulation about the hair-follicles is
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ments of the Renaissance. The latter, indeed, enters a
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Costa's average count was 2,895,000 and the average hemoglobin
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supplied with provisions carefully prepared at home, and with
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9,282 deaths, or 34 per cent, of the whole — a decrease of 617
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the wounds are healed, and it is in only very exceptional instances that, on
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cavity. The symptoms of this complication will be given in their proper place
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dangered by these tumours, Dr. M'Clintock expresses
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cases the two radials should be compared, so as not to attribute errone-
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of mucoid degeneration of the sublingual gland (Suzanne), or that it is
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ing process, and it is doubtful whether the cutaneous
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other nonmalignant growths at or near the external anus as
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The Chairman believed that the real crepitant rale origin-
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Symptoms. — Contagious pneumonia of the pig does not
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time conducts sound, which seems paradoxical, but is also
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glands, so a tuberculous peritonitis may arise from caseous
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Hennessy, New Zealand; Ralph Allan Sarjeant Hoyte, British West
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clinch the cure and these now no longer show signs of
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a light ice-bag should be put over the heart, constantly or intermittently,
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very reverse of this practice is what ought to obtain,
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to 10 mm. long, 4 to 6 mm. wide, rounded very markedly in front,
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given case. Other observers (Lomnitz, Rosenstein) have stated,
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[56] Chiari. Prag. Zeitschr. f. Heilk., 1883, iv, p. 177. A case of chloroma with skull
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capillaries is at times to be seen, which cells may prove to be mainly
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Fiat electuariimi, cujus capiat cochleare parvulum pro re nata.
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other in the production of disease, especially those relat-
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irritable subjects, it produces sleeplessness, fever, faintness, convulsions,
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1903; T. hommis Manson, 1903 ; T. castellanii Kruse, 1903 ; T.
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dence with unlimited bounty, are supplied to the dwellers of these narrow
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137; 145. — Ott (I.) Note on animal extracts. Med.
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periods of the day, before breakfast and at other times on an empty sto-

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