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per-cent. solution. Involuntary stool in seven minutes

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pleurisy of quite a different nature, and the pathogenic diagnosis may be

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has pointed out that the clot, so long considered the sine qua non

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overpower her. In the struggle his revolver was dis-

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Hospitals. Members of the American Pediatric Society ; Association of

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as the palpating finger may recognize both the delayed ascent and the delayed apex.

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vessels had its mucous coat and a portion of its muscular ruptured. On being-

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part of the process of gouty paroxysm. This measure of renal inadequacy would

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tinacity that, because Latin is dead, Greek must needs be

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the explanation offered by M. Billard, who is strongly tinc-

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the middle ear was "a coincidence," or whether it was due to a breaking down or

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the structural functions of the peritoneum, which are decided as follows:

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the pressure at inter\'als of from two to five days.

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the entire abdomen, are wrung out of hot water as dry

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cially if the eye is kept open. It has been recommended

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drop of the third dilution of Nux vom.y and continued in

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outermost layer. In the descent of the inner two lengths of bowel the

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the wounds were ultimately as completely healed and strong as the

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proportion to the number of inhabitants, than in any other State in the

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heart affected. The blood, when laden with renal derivatives, flows

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at the time of birth. If you deem it advisable to bring on or hasten

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patients often find when they wake up that the legs are flexed with the

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turpentine, showed many black opaque droplets scattered over

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able in that lung. In the small intestine numerous ul-

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We have seen that Salmon advised caution and moderation in

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ber of articles. The department of Therapeutics occupies the first

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;'^"'"':";"""^' "-.unn. ,!u-|.„uir,it .1... jun.n„n,„i,- middle ,.nd

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some gynecologists speak favourably of this form of treatment, as

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from the rectum and, together with several from the

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provings reads like a novel ; when arranged in the form of a

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