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condition. When the inflammation is brief in duration, recovery may be
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applying forceps in the usual way and rotating the head by
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centre one-tenth of an mch broad. The iris had fallen forward,
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yield to remedies, try every variety of treatment from which relief may be
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or eight years of age, she does not even know the alpha-
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slow pulse. Dr. Leszyiisky said he was acquainted with
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tion has been practiced, but that the testator did in
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ciently irritating to excite the most benumbed and sluggish
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death," by cutting off the supply of blood, just about equal to a tooth-drawing ope-
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with quite large doses of opium. The letters standing before the
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Periosteal sarcoma of light femur; amputation at hip joint ;
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change in temper was observed ; and in a second, numbness of the fingers, legs,
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R S. H. Kennedy's Ext. Pinus Canadensis (White), 2 ounces;
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of the lining membrane of the cheek, and gums, and the tongue, offer
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August I, 1883. Her stomach remained tolerant to the
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Thoracic Shape, the Extent of the Respiratory Movements, the Profiles
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rheumatism as erythema nodosum, in that it runs a fairly definite course,
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September 9-10— First American Cancer Society Interdisciplinary
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It was not destined to last long, however, as it was
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ration can hardly be exaggerated, and no " honest and
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and with each inspiration there was a distinct, hissing,
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(c) Mineral substances are not much in evidence, but bathing in salt
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description of the local situation in which they may be found.
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come on in paroxysms ; but it is often absent, and may be totally absent
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other agents have reduced the acidity first produced. Of the other
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that produced by the combined effects of the bile and pancreatic
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erable period so severely as to lead the patient to avoid, as much w pui
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Under certain circumstances the anacrotic pulse may become modified into
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voracious appetite, depraved appetite, sick-headache, &c.,
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in stenosis of the os occurring from subsequent cicatriza-
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Emotional disturbance. — As a direct excitant of the first fit intense
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the pain caused by inserting the finger into the patient feel altogether more comfort-
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REPORT of the Committee on Statistics far the Tear ending JvXy 1st, 1883.
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shores of the North Sea, Kelsch and Kiener investigated the sub-
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varied from 130 to 150, and was not absolutely weak until the day she died. Calomel
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third injection was made, followed in the course of a few days
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end of the second year, and of all school-children in the twelfth year.
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accomplishment was the manner in which the gauze was
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