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failed, the operation was performed, and the protruded intestine
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but which, by reavson of lack of time, could not be treated ; I refer to
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(twenty times in a second) generally produced contraction of the
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often, in joy or affliction, the wire constitutes a sym-
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effectually cure it, unless they be aided in the first place by a frank and full
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act as a foreign body ; it is the material which is injected
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at the quarries. When he was deposed, the quarrymen wished
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latina, anginosa, which appeared at Philadelphia, in 1783 and
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ternists, sponsored by the American College of Physi-
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cow's milk, with usual addition of lime-water ; to the
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of baths and brisk rubbing, feed the patient at frequent intervals
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entrance of the servant, the whole party disappeared — she could
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considered a symptom of trivial moment. It seems to be decidedly
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of nervous principle or power. It is not a common stock diffused
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1 Ijelieved to be hypo-thyroidism iij. distinct evidence. I there-
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solution are added. A few drops of this preparation are then taken and again
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kidneys especially, failing to perform their functions, a poisonous
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rious evils, not only to their occupants, but to all the
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until the tension has gone down. (3) That eserine and adrenalin must
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the substance of the affected muscles, in combination with
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Heart, Dr. Peacock on Causes and Effects of Talvular
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between the toes ; from thence the disease ascends. A third is situated in
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noticed between rheumatic affections and the development of chorea.
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occur on the same side of the body below the level of the lesion, and
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the power of the heart's action, is useful in preventing heart-clots. This
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Horand (Chirurgien en chef de TAntiquaille a Lyons), and M.
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A t>. mercury, I have no hesitation in saving, had we depended on
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April 12-14— 39th Annual Course for Physicians in Family Practice:
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Why the contagion should spread in one case and not in another often
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clear solution of ordinary chloride of lime (hypochlo-
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tobacco smoke or tobacco in infusion. Where the roots have
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The fact of this different structure of the bone, and
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there seldom can be doubt. Thus, for gout, besides those
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length being made. Even this was not sufficient, and the
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Toxic Symptoms produced by Glycerin. — " Dr. Jarosclii recently re-
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esteem by those most quahfied to know; viz., teachers on the sub-
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charge is noticeable at the inner angle of the affected eye. Bulbar
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The above subjects occupy a very considerable portion of a

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