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this number of the Journal, that our College is most satisfactorily in-

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in no very gentle or measured terms, he was answered,

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thorough instruction by means of didactic lectures, reading,

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a constant'attendant on pneumonia, nor does its location by any

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Caustic Potash. — Its principal use is to burn out warts

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addition the chair of Ophthalmic Surgery in the school.

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a surgical operation, are firm in suffering it ; or as some ship-

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less simply affected, the change being variously complicated

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upon what is generally impracticable. Nevertheless,

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need not remain as they have been in the past — be-

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of infectious diseases, and there is a well-arranged index.

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cubation is no reason for denying contagion, for scarla-

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recommendations cannot be made until the trials compar-

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tinued its pemicioufif work, thus giving us an opportunity to receive

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dry skin, and for those affected with " broken wind." Gruel

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abdomen with hot poultices for the relief of the same dis-

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both eyes, so that the pjatient requires the help of convex

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It is estimated that the drug industry spends $55 million a

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6. Chatterjee K, Parmley WW, Ganz W, Forrester J, Walinsky

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which, however, is neither at the expense of any other

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port in person, upon expiration of his present sick leave of

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nameutlich seine Kontagiositiit nnd diegegeii die Verbrei-

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suggesting angioedema (swelling of face, extremities, eyes. lips, tongue and/or difficulty in swallowing or

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lias a lower specific gravity and a higher vapour tension than

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must be feared especially in old people whose convales-

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the post-mortem examination it was found that the intes-

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— (a) Dermoid ovarian tumour and ovary with recent corpus luteum, {h)

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21. Duhring : Americvin Journal of the Medical Sciences, February, 1891.

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must be in lithotomy position, or if on her side, the pelvis

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had come to his knowledge as occurring in ono of tiio large

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