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had frequent sexual connexion, which she afterwards confessed

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probably the exciting cause, that is, the immediate cause.

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occupational and physical therapy, speech training,

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duration) met with what may have been the earliest recognisable change of com-

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dimn, like that of other organs and structures, is to be regarded as the

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ing fever, with remarks on similar anomalies in general.]

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ous action of the renal and biliary organs; to stimulate the

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April 12-14— 39th Annual Course for Physicians in Family Practice:

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the operation. Afterwards, several times, small amounts of urine were discharged, but no

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90% or more with an A-a gradient less than 36, and the risk j

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that the treatment would be made immensely more satisfactory if it were

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Neuro and Neuro-Spinal Functions. — These are especially affected by

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Take such a dose every three hours during the day-time. Use

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foration of the uterus occun*ed, and he agrees with Dr. Hoenig,

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Children's Hospital Boston, has produced large numbers of human breast

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neuralgia, malacosteon, etc. Moreover, if such opinion leads to the en-

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the doctor did not understand, how could one prove that there was any

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choly, but this I have not been able to see for myself.

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naif his due*, suffer an exception to (he rule of advances in payment?

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a certain amount of roughness at the seat of the fract-

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ago, she became worse. The dj'spnea, palpitation of the heart, and cyano-

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second sentence on lines 6-9 to read: This, of course, is not a precise

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the measure of the dose should be that quantity which will

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cess of Wales, who had already nearly lost one of her

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been already said that the cells of carcinoma are of an epithe-

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of the profession to the use of boracic acid as an antidote to the scarlat-

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student to find the information he seeks at once. The typo-

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rich girl in this city, will move away and take $75,000

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tion the murmur disappears, as a cushion of lung is

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however, issues are more hurtful than useful. ** J'ai souvent

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tibulocerebellocerebral tract, is responsible for vertigo. Its course is ^rom

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Baked potatoes are easily digested, requiring only two hours

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ral cases immediately after surgical treatment of the lids,

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