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specific power against the paroxysmal cough on which

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painful cystitis was promptly and completely cured, and the patient returned

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and glycerin — and leaves the skin soft and clean. In "The New

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epithelial debris, the result of a peculiar and characteristic degeneration

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Sept. 22, 1862, Dr. Bowditch remarked as follows : —

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The abnormal amount of excrementitious products which represent the

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my oflice on April 20th, 1895. She stated that she had

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tertian fever. Now we may possibly explain this climatic influence,

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nervous corpuscles, and producing irritability, or, as he terms

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syphilitics, being tired of inunctions and hypodermic in-

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In a family of twenty-three persons which had been ex-

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matter thus easily disposed of, and may do so with this correc-

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is idiopathic, or the result of exposure to cold and wet, or generally

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strips or squares is rendertd alkaline by boiling for

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for the practitioner, arranged in so convenient a manner for

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assistance in explaining the etiology of consumption. Numerous

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the action of the new remedy on the organ of smell. The

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surface of the sore, and microscopic examination. For the small per-

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These peculiarities are that cattle fed exclusively on these lands lose

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abdominal section showed salpingitis, periovaritis, and

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small relative increase of polymorphonuclear cells and decrease

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the left wrist, show slow involuntary movements associated with changes

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quite inadequate to the expression of normal sensations, and far more so

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and it is at once incuml)ent upon us to search for the

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the lung from the same cause he had found to be greatly re-

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when the removal of the bone at this region not only short-

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toms. Dr. La Fetra saw the child, and excluded pneu-

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cines were formerly supposed to be utterly improper

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The ssrmptoms are hematuria, with some pain during urination. The

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temperature rose to 104° '2 F. A tender swelling could be felt to the

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control of the heart. In addition to these, there may be cardiac

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forty-three years of age, and had vomited a great deal.

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journal. This morbid condition, or diathesis, which bears the reception of

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pigment has progressed considerably. The condition with which intes-

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[2] Davis, H. St. Paul Med. Journ., 1909, xi, p. 630.

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may fail, if the hygiene of the patients be neglected.

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